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September 2006

Käla 2006

Käla 2006 is the latest update of Ernst and Srishti Wilhelm's Käla software. This professional-level Vedic astrology program gets better and better with each new version.

You can read my full Mountain Astrologer review of this latest update by clicking here.

My New Secure Astrology Software Order Form

You can now order software easily, quickly, and safely by going to my new astrology software order form.

Click here to purchase software through me, at a great discount, sent to you directly from the manufacturer, fully registered, and with their support and mine.

Get the latest ACS Atlas update for Solar Fire Deluxe and also for the Stand-alone ACS atlas

The U.S. daylight savings times have changed for 2007. If you own Solar Fire Deluxe (aka version 6) and want to download the latest update to the ACS Atlas, click here.

If you have an earlier version of Solar Fire, the atlas update is no longer available, so it's time to update to version Six.

You can purchase the full update to Solar Fire Deluxe, with the manual, if you own version 4, 5, or 5.1 at a reduced price of $99 including free U.S. shipping, by clicking on the following button -- for U.S. orders only -- and please include your Solar Fire serial number in the Notes field when you order.:

If you own the stand-alone version of the ACS atlas, you can get the update by clicking here.

Major Price Reduction for Janus

Janus is a professional-level Western astrology program with a remarkable number of features, including medieval charts, a full suite of interpretations, and an unparalleled bibliography for each of the astrological techniques the program offers. Its authors just cut its price almost in half, making it an excellent value.

Click here to read my published review of Janus.

Purchase the latest full version of Janus (at the newly discounted price of $149) by clicking on the following button:

The right computer hardware for running astrology programs, Revised!

Since the computer industry marches on, at a very rapid rate, I revised my article on the type of computer, printer, and screen you need to run astrology software.

You can read the fully revised article by clicking here.

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