A Journey into The World of Oudh

Part Eight

Evaluating samples from one Oud company


I was very surprised when I received an email from the company Shebaroud asking me if I'd be open to receiving a set of free samples from them to mention in this blog.

I said "yes" and a few weeks later received a set of sample vials with very minute amounts of Oud, Sandalwood, and attars in them (just enough for a scent to be discernible).

I found the vintage Sandalwood sample to be truly excellent.

Before evaluating their Ouds, I want to remind my readers that I value the effect of an Oud on consciousness more than its scent, and so Ouds that have little impact on awareness are of less value to me.

I would describe the 1981 Assam Chi Oud as having a refined barnyard scent. A bit pungent and definitely Hindi.

The Bruhindi, on the other hand, clearly is not a Hindi oud. It turns out it is from Brunei and is camphorous and musty in scent and has some psychic impact too.

The Cahaya Utara is a more subdued Malaysian Oud, with a green, resinous, and a bit musty sent, and again, some psychic impact.

Emerald Sumatra, which is no longer shown on their website, has smoke, incense, and must among its qualities.

My two favorite Ouds from Shebaroud have a much greater uplifting effect than all of the others:

Annam, which unfortunately isn't on their site any more, has the best scent of all of their offerings, by far; honey, resin, and flowers, with a lovely effect on the mind. It is my favorite of all of their offerings.

The Ume No Kaze, on the other hand, has much less scent than the others, but nevertheless is still quite likeable, with elements of both the Annam and Cahaya Utara Ouds.

I wish Shebaroud offered samples for purchase, like so many other sites do, but can still say that the company is clearly intent on offering artisan quality Ouds of great variety.


End of Part Eight

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