A Journey into The World of Oudh

Part Seven

A Spotlight on one Oud company

Imperial Oud

When I first stumbled upon the Imperial Oud company, during one of my many Google searches for top quality Ouds, I had a very good feeling about them because of the purity of the website's layout.

The site wasn't cluttered or flashy, but instead clean and respectful of their mission, to provide amazing Ouds at affordable prices.

As I mentioned in Part Six, two of the oils I first got from them blew me away.

Since then, I've had the privilege to explore many more of their creations, including three more from the Koh Kong region of Cambodia, and a couple of Malaysian ones.

The Koh Kong Ouds

South Koh Kong is a wild oil with the smoothness of the Koh Kong Classique mentioned in Part Six, but with much greater depth and psychic impact.

It's phenomenal scent offers both earth and resin in a unity with the Koh Kong charm.

The two organic new Cambodians are:

Peam Kreng, a powerful fusion of grass, resin, and dried fruit with a deep potency from North Koh Kong,


Antong Sar, from South Koh Kong, with more smoke, fruit, and earth.

The Indonesian Ouds

From Papua New Guinea:

Mamberamo is an Oud from Gyrinops ledermannii instead of Aquillaria. I find this type of Oud more spicy, sharp, mossy, and musty, and it packs a strong psychic punch! More grounding than the Cambodians with a scent a bit more challenging.

From Malaysia:

Mukhdhir is a blend made from 20% Kelantan, 20% Pahang and remainder Terranganuof wild woods.

While similar to the Memberano in scent, it has more earthiness, subtlety, and smoothness, and its green color foreshadows its invitation to explore the depths of the forest and the catacombs of the mind.

Hindi Z1

Hindi Z1 is a perfect Oud. An oil that immediately inspires you to thank God for the blessings bestowed upon us.

It is resin infused with sunlight, whispers of mystery and great vastness. To say that it is uplifting is a huge understatement.

Even though it's an Indian-sourced Oud, there is not a hint of barnyard here, simply an ultimately refined oil of the highest quality I've ever encountered.



The folks at Imperial Oud are providing us with truly incredible Ouds that aren't available anywhere else, at incredibly fair prices.

I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in their offerings.


End of Part Seven

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