A Journey into The World of Oud

Part Twenty Four

The End of Oud
and some very special new Ouds


The End of Oud

For many years, Ensar Oud has predicted the end of Oud, i.e. a time when no more wild trees would be found.

Lately, I've seen growing evidence that this is true.

To whit, over a dozen companies have shut their doors, and many others have offered few or no new Ouds in the past three years.

Ensar himself, who usually releases several new oils during the Ramadan and did not, issued an email entitled "No More Oud?" in which he shared that "It’s become harder and harder to access the dwindling supply of quality agarwood and harder yet to distill that wood, especially since the travel restrictions".

(He also indicated that several of the oils that he would have released are now going into his perfumes instead of being sold as pure Oud oils).

So the time has come for anyone who wants to have an excellent collection of transcendental oils to realize that "the clock is ticking" and that from now on there will be fewer and fewer new high quality wild Ouds offered for sale.


Some Very Special New Ouds

White Kinam oil

Linh Agarwood sells many aloes products, primarily very rare and expensive agarwood bracelets, chips, and incense, but he does offer one White Kinam Oil, so I decided to get it.

Having experienced the wonderful scent of gently heated white kinam that I purchased from Ensar Oud, I knew what the oil should smell like.

I wasn't disappointed. Similar to the finest CO2 oils, the White Kinam is syrupy, incredibly smooth, and balsamic; but it is so much more: its delicious resin heart envelops you with a deep sense of peace, healing, and joy.

How an oil can be both so soothing and also both simple and complex at the same time is mind-boggling. I highly recommend this oil to anyone wanting to ride a cloud of White Kinam.


The Kinams from Sultan Fragrances

Etsy is the home of many Ouds (as well as very high quality hand-crafted creations).

And I was surprised to find there three actual Kinam/Kyara oils from Sultan Fragrance of Australia that are both truly superb and unbelievably low priced.

So far, I've only tried two of them, but they are both exceptional.

The Vintage Oud Oil 1968 initially seemed a bit barnyardy to me, but I accidentally got a tiny drop on my nose and it took me aloft on wings of Kyara and I was almost giddy with exhilaration.

Its dark resin and initial funk quickly give way to a mind-dissolving Kinamic bliss. Potent and master crafted. Wow!

The Indonesian Kinam is similarly potent and amazing.

The initial almost phenolic edge nevertheless immediately speaks deeply to your soul and loosens the grip of the ego as the ascent begins.

Like an olfactory gong ringing in your psyche, it grabs your attention and transports you powerfully to a higher place.

Both are sensational and again outrageously low priced. Bravo!

Postscript: I just received the third oil from Sultan Fragrances, Kinam 1979.

Surprisingly, this oil is offered both on Etsy.com and Amazon! (And it's safe to say that it's the best Oud ever offered on Amazon.)

Of the three oils offered by Sultan Fragrances, Kinam 1979 is the most refined. Its scent is a marriage of Oud resin and caramel, and is incredibly inviting, lovely, and uplifting.


Note: none of the oils on this page have the green, medicinal, sharp Kinam/Kyara scent found in the Kinams from Ensar Oud, but they are still exceptional and of great value.


End of Part Twenty Four


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