A Journey into The World of Oudh

Part Two

The effects of Oud

Why delve into Oud? Because it has the unique ability to be both very grounding and incredibly uplifting at the same time. I call this "Earth and Sky". It is often used to deepen one's meditation practice, and to connect oneself to a deeper knowingness. Oud is remarkable not only for its incredible range of scents, but for its ability to open up one's soul.

Among the striking effects that I've noticed in spending time with Oud and sharing it with other are:

If my (psychic and counseling) clients sample Oud before a session, we often go much farther than we would have otherwise. They seem to sit in a deeper place in themselves, with greater openness.

My own psychic gifts seem augmented by the presence of Oud, as does my rapport with nature, and my ability to be in the moment.

I love spending time with flowers and trees and walking on trails after applying Oud because everything is more three dimensional and my ability to experience the consciousness of the plants around me is much greater.

My friends love Oud now, and have reported feeling much more embodied, higher, clearer, uplifted, and transformed by its magical scent.


Finding an amazing diversity of Ouds

By now, I've explored Ouds from many different sources, and the quality varies enormously.

eBay Oud sources

Besides the Ouds from Ish that I mentioned on the previous page, I also got several others on eBay. But I also discovered that several sellers on eBay offer a much larger selection on their own websites, and so will point to them instead in some of the listings here:


Majid Muzaffar Iterji offers a wide variety of high quality Ouds on his website.

I encourage you to explore samples of each first, as they vary a great deal in depth and character. Some seemed very perfumey to me, while others were much richer.

My favorite was the Aged Super Cambodian Agarwood Oil, but it was so expensive that all I bought was a sample. Still, Oud is so concentrated that even a sample can be enjoyed many times.

[The one big weakness of Iterji's samples is that they are packaged in vials that are very hard to open, but you can ask them to not use vials but bottles instead.]


I've purchased both very high quality agarwood itself (a lovely piece of agarwood) and a very fine quality Cambodia PURSAT Aquilaria Crassna Wild Oud Oil from them.

They mostly sell the wood, and not the oil. Feel free to visit their store.

Agarscents Bazaar:

The owner of this eBay store is very kind, and they offer a wide variety of high quality Ouds.

I purchased the Koh Kong Cambodi and found it to be very fine. I also managed to buy a sample of their Kyara Red, which is phenomenal, and smells like the finest burned agarwood.

You can explore their wide selection of agarwood oils here.


This is another company that offers a much larger selection of oils at better prices on their website (compared to their eBay store).

The only Oud that I purchased from them, so far, was a sample of their Vietnam Thriple A Royal King Oudh. It is very potent and really worth getting.


Superlative Ouds from Etsy


JK DeLapp is offering a couple of the very best Ouds in the world on Etsy.com that were prepared by a distiller for the King of Thailand:

The Thai Pa Pa Kea - 190 Year Old Thai Crassna Oud Oil is so excellent that words fail to give it enough credit. It is fruity, floral, refined, and incredibly uplifting. It is definitely worth buying a small sample because it is very concentrated and a very tiny amount lasts a long time.

His Thai Snga Makham - 120 Year Old Thai Malaccensis Oud Oil is also superb. Much more earthy and sensual than the 190 year old Oud, but again truly excellent.

I also purchased a very fine Wild Thai Khao Yai Oud directly from him. He has many lovely agarwood oils, including sample sizes to try out, so feel free to contact him for a list of them.

(I have purchased many oils from JK since writing this, including some incredibly high quality Ouds.)


Ensar Oud -- The Best Ouds in the World

I have come to realized that Ensar Oud has the best selection of Ouds available.

While his prices can be, at times, on the high side, many of his more affordable Ouds are significantly better than almost all of the other agarwood oils.

For example, his Oud Yusuf is not only the Oud with the loveliest fragrance, but it is also the only Oud that is ethically harvested (the trees aren't cut down, only the infected areas are removed.) It is also incredibly uplifting.

His Aku Akira is quite pungent and incredibly potent (you only need to use a tiny bit), and is both aligning and grounding as well as transcendental.

And his Assam 3000 is the most spiritually and psychically enhancing Oud that I've experienced by far. It actually facilitated my channeling a new Guide!

I highly recommend his Ultimate Oud Sampler which offers a truly brilliant collection of samples of the best Ouds.

End of Part Two

(Note: I have no financial relationship with any purveyor of Oud.)

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