A Journey into The World of Oud

Part Sixteen

Ensar, The Master of Oud

By Hank Friedman

As those of you who have been reading this blog know, I am a huge fan of the Ouds produced by Ensar Oud. I decided to share some of my thoughts about why his creations are so outstanding.

1. Intention

Ensar is a very spiritual man, and is blessed to have a Sufi Master as his teacher. Many years ago, he was asked by his teacher to find the very best Ouds for spiritual work. This set Ensar on his journey, with the purest and highest of intentions.

2. Timing

When Ensar began his search, high quality agarwood was still both affordable and in plentiful supply. Unlike the many current purveyors, he was able to acquire wood that is now no longer available (at any price). He also developed deep and wonderful friendships with both the collectors of the wood and with the best distillers, enabling him to still have unique access to both.

3. Commitment

From the outset, Ensar discovered that if he wanted to be able to provide his teacher and others with the best oils, he would have to create them himself (sometimes with the help of skilled distillers whom he carefully guided and supervised). His only goal was quality, and so he chose the best woods he could obtain, spent as much time and care as was needed to prepare each oil, and let them age (unlike so many others) until they were fully realized.

4. Skill

Here, I need to depart, for a moment, to give you an analogy. In most endeavors in life, there are many people who are truly excellent at what they do.

Rarely, however, you find an individual who is head and shoulders above all of their peers. Such is the case for the Jyotishi who taught me Vedic astrology, Hart de Fouw, who is so phenomenally talented in Vedic astrology that no one I've met comes anywhere near his depth of understanding.

So it is with Ensar. He is so innately skilled in understanding how to create the very best oils that no one comes close. In fact, if I was asked to make a choice of keeping all of the Ouds that I have from other companies or just a few of Ensar's, there would be no question, I'd keep his.

5. Price

Some readers might be surprised that I would include cost as one of the outstanding qualities of Ensar, but in truth, many of his less expensive Ouds are much lower priced than those of other Oud merchants, and I've purchased plenty of oils from other companies priced comparably with Ensar's but of much lower grade. And his higher priced Ouds... are simply Divine, and in fact, as he often points out, they are bargains in that they could never be made today with the quality and price of the agarwood that's available.

6. Generosity

When dealing with materials as precious as Oud, it surprised me that Ensar has a policy of adding one or more samples along with each order of Oud.

What astonished me more, however, and of course completely delighted me, was that many of the free samples have been of top-quality Ouds. It's like he's giving away hundreds of dollars! I am deeply touched by just how much I, and others that I've sent to him, have received from him.

Thank you, Ensar.


End of Part Sixteen


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