A Journey into The World of Oudh

Part Fifteen

A Phenomenal Oud -- not to miss out on

One of the wonderful things about getting Ouds from Ensar Oud, besides having access to the best Ouds in the World, are the free samples.

In addition to whatever you order, they throw in one or two sample vials of new and forthcoming Ouds.

That's how I was introduced to Archinam.

[Note: Archinam has sold out. But Ensar keeps releasing amazing Ouds worth getting.]

As described to me by the company:

Archinam, is exactly that, the Archipelago's Kinam... Encompassing the highest notes from across the Indonesian Archipelago, it's the envy of Port Moresby and Kinamantan alike, possessing a profile that neither of them quite breach... an unexplored nuance. The high pitched opening has been compared to Purple Kinam with its Borneo Diesel potency and it's shimmering brightness that uplifts, yet it also possesses the earthen loamy depths of the dense Maroke Jungles. The perfect balance and harmony, the Archipelago's Kinam!

They weren't kidding. This is a true Kyara/Kinam Oud that has both the green sharp medicinal highs of the finest Kyara (with a truly profound impact on your consciousness) and a wonderful backdrop of sky and jungle-y earth.

But in addition to being one of the most strikingly great Ouds I've ever experienced, it has (unintentionally) been priced way below its market value (probably 4 times less!).

I myself consider it on par with all of the best Kyaras that Ensar has to offer, and since most of it has been already sold, I heartily encourage you to get some while you can.

I am deeply grateful to have this to add to my collection.


End of Part Fifteen

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