A Journey into The World of Oudh

Part Fourteen

Understanding Kyara

On page 10 of this blog, I shared that I really didn't know what Kyara/Kinam actually was, and therefore could not assess whether specific oils were Kyara or not.

That has now changed.

Ensar Oud, with great kindness, recently allowed me to procure a couple of drops of the best Kyaras available, and so now I know what Kyara is.

The Kiman scent is often described as medicinal and green, and I would add sharp, deeply woody, and a hint of liquor; but as one might guess, one has to experience it to truly know it.


Oud 2.0 -- the best Ouds in the World

After experiencing well over a hundred Ouds from about three dozen companies, I thought that I had a fine grasp of the various grades of Ouds.

The Oriscent Ouds created by Ensar Oud that I just purchased have taught me that way beyond the artisanal Ouds that I've encountered before are an entire class of superlative Ouds which are truly transcendent.

As I began to explore the five samples, I found myself laughing, stunned, humbled, and wanting to say, "Are you kidding me?" several times.

I never realized that Oud could be this Divine.


The Kyara Collection

(Note: most of these Ouds are privately available. Last year, Ensar offered several of them during a one day sale via Twitter.)

Two of the Ouds I received have the word Guallam in them. Apparently, Ouds with this label are created from the highest grade of Vietnamese agarwood.

Royal Guallam strikes me immediately with a Kyara bitter woodiness, and the expansion of my mind both laterally and downward. Earthy and grounding, it's like being joyfully buried under a pile of Kyara wood, while paradoxically being lifted into a higher Earth realm.

(Please understand that with oils this profound, words can only hint at their magnificence.)

Guallam Liquide, which has not yet been released, is so miraculously exquisite that I struggle to transmit its excellence in words. To start off, its scent is lovely beyond lovely and sweetly enveloping. I don't get the Kyara notes initially, but instead a honeyed rainbow of -- may I please sniff this forever and receive help in describing this -- nectar, ambrosia, a marriage of resin, wood, fruit, spice, and blossom, above all others...

It creates a Stillness, Bliss, and Peace, and Depth that is indescribably wonderful.

[Postscript on Guallam Liquide: I now consider this to be a very green Kimam Oud. It just took my nose time to sort through the incredible range of exquisite scents to realize just how green and completely magical Kyara this is.]

And now we come to the vials labeled Kinam or Kyara:

Until I sniffed my vial of Kyara LTD 2012, I couldn't identify what made an Oud Kinam or Kyara.

But the greenness, metallic-bitter-medicinal-ness, and I-am-Wood-ness of Kyara LTD is loud and intense and unmistakably unique. It taught me, forever more, what Kinam/Kyara is, and from the moment of first sniff, I could identify Kyara notes in every Oud that had them.

(It also has a chocolatey note that I'm coming to really relish.)

Bang! This is a powerful Oud that knocks you on your head and says, "Wake up!". It grabs you and takes you on a ride through Kyara land, showing you all of its wonders, aspects of your own mind you never knew were there!

And then there is its gentler cousin, Royal Kinam 2010. This Oud quietly transports you to another realm. Every time I visit with Royal Kinam, I love it more.

Once you quiet down enough to embrace its subtlety, then its wood, Kinam, Sky, and Ocean of Air dissolve the boundaries of your mind and Open you to a greater Presence. Again, words fail...

We finish this magical mystery tour with the Oud that Ensar himself considers his best achievement. Nha Trang LTD is our final Vietnamese wood.

Nha Trang LTD is, in a word, balanced. It has the Kinam scent notes, quite potently, but without the sharpness or strong bitterness. Wood definitely comes through, as does resin, and it has, if you listen closely enough, a subtle layer of floral sweet notes underneath.

It has poise and sophistication, and lifts your mind slowly and steadily to a calm, grounded, and yet exalted place. Impressive!


I am overjoyed to have a couple of drops of each of these preeminent Ouds. And I've already learned so much from exploring them.

I now understand what truly great Oud is, and what a huge range of Ouds there are.

Again, I give my thanks to Ensar Oud for both creating and providing me with Ouds better than I could have ever imagined.

Postscript: One of my closest friends has never liked either the scent or effect of Oud at all, but when she sampled these extraordinary Ouds, she loved them all and could finally see what the fuss was all about.


One more Oud...

In my next order was a tiny free sample of Guallam Solide, the kissing cousin of Guallam Liquide.

Both are quite similar in scent and effect, but Guallam Solide is more refined, with no Kyara bite at all.

It is simply sublime! A subtle whiff of dew-laden gardenias, and what white mist would smell like if it had a scent.

For those who want jungle and earth and barn, definitely look elsewhere.

But if you want to soar to the vastest regions of your Crown Chakra, to the highest Purity of your soul, to your Mind opened Wide, and to the depths of your inner peace, then this is your ticket.

Much to my surprise, this jumped to the top of my list of the Best Oud I've Ever Encountered almost immediately, and has stayed there.

And all of my friends who I've shared it with agree! It should be called The Quinessence of Kyara, the highest of the high.

The only down side is that many other Ouds seem plodding in comparison...


End of Part Fourteen

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