AstrolDeluxe Interpretive Report Samples

Note: In order to use these reports, you must first own or purchase AstrolDeluxe Report Writer.

Personal Path™ natal report ($90)

Aspect Patterns natal report add-on ($45)

Classic British Astro Report™ natal report ($36)

Spirit Success™ natal report (built into AstrolDeluxe)

Kid Zone child™ natal report ($90)

Kid Zone child with Sun/Moon natal report ($134)

Kid Zone Combo full natal report ($224)

Star Match™ synastry compatibility report ($90)

Composite Couples Composite chart compatibility report ($90)

LifeTrends™ transit report ($90)

Journey Returns™ Solar Return report ($90)

Journey Progressions™ secondary progressed report ($90)

Journey Careers™ vocational analysis report ($90)

Note: the price shown above are my discounted prices. If you wish to order one or more of these reports, please send me an email listing the one(s) you want, and I will have PayPal send you an invoice.

If you order four or more reports, you will receive an additional discount.

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