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April 2007

New Free Astrology programs

For this issue I have found several interesting new astrology programs that are free. In using them, be sure to realize that you have to look up the correct longitude, latitude, time zone, and time change for each birth place, and cannot do this within the free programs. You can go online to and enter the birth data to get the correct coordinates or use the astrology software you already own.

New Free Astrology programs: Maitreya's Dream Updated

I first reviewed Maitreya's Dream in the November 2005 issue of SoftStar News. You can read that review by clicking here.

I'd already mentioned how the program was a unique blend of Vedic capabilities and Western astrological functions including Cosmobiology features.

The program has continued to evolve, and now includes an excellent graphical depiction of dasas:

You can move your mouse over the image and the date will be shown for wherever the cursor is.

The program also added an expandable dasa tree:

Added Vedic features new to the latest version include the ability to view Tajaka Solar Charts (Solar Return charts) and quickly view charts for different years, and a Hora table (of planetary hours) for any date.

The tabular ephemeris functions have also been expanded to include ephemeris tables showing KP lords and sublords, Lunar tithis, and sign and nakshatra ingresses.

The program has added Western Composite charting to its Partner function, and a new Graphical Ephemeris (with the ability to display it for 360 degrees, 90, etc. and even 13 degrees 20 minutes -- nakshatra style!).

Finally, you can export any graphic produced by the program in six different graphical formats.

I am very happy to see Maitreya's Dream continue to develop. This is a program to keep your eyes on.

You can download the latest version and learn more about the program here.

New Free Astrology programs: Jyotishya Deepika

A third free astrology program has also just been released!

For those who use KP (Krishnamurti Paddhati) astrology, Jyotishya Deepika will be a welcome addition to their collection of software.

Jyotishya Deepika has a nice graphical interface, Swiss Ephemeris accuracy, and offers many traditional Vedic features including Varga charts, Shad Bala, Dasa listings, Vedic aspects, Ashtakavarga, a table of lordships and dignities, etc.

It also has a planetary ephemeris generator, panchanga Generator, planet transit Calculator, planetary retrogression finder, lagna transit Calculator, Sun and Moon rise and set times calculator, ayanamsha Calculator, Ghati Vighati converter, Sensitive Point Finder and Database Manager.

This is a wonderful addition to the field of free Vedic programs.

You can learn more about and download Jyotishya Deepika by clicking here.

Freeware, Freeware, Freeware

I just more than doubled the number of free astrology program on the Free Astrology Software Page and updated several of the links in the process.

These free programs are definitely worth exploring and quite unique.

You can go to the freeware page by clicking here.

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