Autobiography of a Psychic -- Part Two

Part Two
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At the end of my transformational journey in SAT, our group leaders flew in two therapists from California, to take our SAT group through the Fisher-Hoffman Process. This was a 13 week intensive designed to free us from a large portion of our parental programming. An important part of the work was learning to tune in to our personal Guides (Angels), and get their assistance in remembering our own traumas, and in retrieving information about our parents' childhoods.

At first, because of my intense and unpleasant precognitive psychic opening in my late teens, I resisted opening psychically. It was like trying to open a rusted-shut door (that I had slammed closed). After much effort, and patient assistance from my therapist, the opening occurred, and I met my Guide. What made the difference was being taught how to open and close my psychic state, instead of being at the mercy of it.

My contact with the Guide grew stronger and stronger, until, by the end of the Process, I was in daily connection, and could and did rely on Guidance for a lot of my decisions. Much to my surprise, as a result of my personal evolution during the work, I got new and more powerful Guides several times during the Process.

In August of 1974, I made the biggest move of my life, to my soul home, in Northern California. I moved in order to become trained as a Fisher-Hoffman therapist. Since the Process involved Guides, one requirement of the internship was to take a psychic training course offered by the institute.

The teacher of the course, Jean Porter, had been in practice as both a gifted psychic and Fisher-Hoffman group leader and therapist, and she carefully trained us in psychometry (reading objects), eye-to-eye soul reading, past life work, helping others to gain contact with their Guides, and more.

When the six week class was completed, she took me aside and said to me, "You are the most gifted psychic I've ever met, and I'd be happy to trade readings with you any time, and I seriously encourage you to start doing readings regularly for people."

With this encouragement, I began offering free psychic readings to all of my astrology clients, at the end of their chart readings. (No one refused.) Before long, people began calling me for additional psychic readings, and my career as a psychic began.

For four years, I insisted on doing all of my readings for free. I felt so blessed to be in contact with my Guides, and the work seemed so holy, that who could charge for it. At the end of this period, my Angels confronted me and insisted that I start charging. I refused, we argued, and finally settled on my accepting donations. For the next two years, I let people give me whatever they chose to.

At the end of these six years, I had a particularly difficult week financially. The "last straw" was when I gave a two hour deep and excellent psychic reading to client who "paid" me by giving me the only rose growing on my rose bush, that she broke off before coming into the apartment.

I felt shocked and violated, and after she left, I asked my Guides why this happened to me. They told me that they had allowed this to happen so that I would learn some important principles. First, as I'd seen consistently over the past two years, when it's voluntary, people give very little in donation for a service. Second, this creates an imbalance that can't be eradicated even if I absolve them. As my Guides put it: "They walk out of here in karmic debt to the Universe, and as a result can't even fully benefit from what you've given them."

I asked my Guides what was the solution, and they told me to start charging set fees, which I insisted They set. Practically the minute I agreed to what they had wanted me to do for years -- charge for my services -- my client load tripled! I asked them why, and they said, "these are all of the people who needed your services but couldn't afford to go into karmic debt. Now they can come to you."

And that's how I became a professional psychic.

I also received an even harder lesson early in my psychic practice about treating my gifts with respect.

A friend introduced me to a woman he was studying under, who could induce powerful psychic and spiritual experiences in those that worked with her. I met with her several times, and had some very profound experiences. I ignored the warning signs, however, that she had damaged her own ability to channel as a result of her work. After several weeks, she asked me if I would like to become my Guide Juliette, i.e. go completely into Her space. I agreed, and through the woman's efforts was placed in a very exalted, loving state of consciousness.

Unfortunately, it was too much for me, and when I came out of the state I felt a peculiar vacuum, and found that I had psychically damaged myself, and could no longer connect to Juliette at all. I went home and immediately got a very bad cold and was sick for weeks. I realized, in retrospect, that I had treated my gift too cavalierly, and had been both naive and too eager to experience higher states.

I was still able to channel, thankfully, but not as high a being as Juliette. It took over ten years to fully recover from that experience and be able to contact Juliette again.

Over the following years, I grew to have many powerful sessions with the Guides and clients, and conducted psychic training workshops and an ongoing Guided group that was incredibly transformative. Many of the processes offered on this website were first revealed during this period.

One of the questions people usually asked, at the end of their reading, was if they could get a message from their own personal Guide. By this process, I got to meet and channel many Guides, including one named Aderan. Aderan was the personal guide of one of my regular clients, who came in monthly for a reading. Aderan was clearly a very high Guide, and I always looked forward to the sessions.

Then one day, I found myself in an unusual situation. One of my clients came in for an advanced astrology tutorial, and told me she was interested in only one thing, the minor aspects in her chart. Since I had no knowledge, nor any books, on minor aspects, I couldn't help her. Fortunately, we decided to ask the Guides if they could help answer her questions.

The day came, and I asked internally, "Guide, do you or any of the guides you are in contact with, know any astrology?" My Guide replied, "No, I don't, but Aderan is a master of astrology and would be happy to give both of you a lecture on minor aspects." We agreed, and Aderan came through and proceeded to give an incredibly detailed, excellent lecture, complete with references to famous people's charts (that I later looked up, and he was right!).

The next time I went in to channel, Aderan appeared and said, "I am now going to be your Guide. Your previous Guide has been sent to work with others." Since then, I have been blessed with his presence, and have been very grateful.

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