Solar Fire Gold Extra Chart Art

As an extra gift only for those who purchase Solar Fire Gold through me, I'm offering a free set of 60+ additional Chart Art wheels of my own design. I spent many hours photographing and designing these pages, and I'm sure you will like them.

Here are some examples:

 You can download the new set of Chart Art Pages by clicking here
[This file is password-protected and only available to those who purchase Solar Fire through me. Please contact me for your password by clicking here to send me an email.]

Installing the new Chart Art pages

0. You need to install Solar Fire Gold before proceeding.

1. Download the file at the underlined link above, and keep track of what folder it is downloaded to.

2. Unzip the file by clicking on it. (Most computers have the ability to unzip files.

3. Run the unzipped file by clicking on it, and then proceed with the installation, entering the password that I provide for you (email me if you haven't received the password with your order).

4. Follow the instructions given by the install program and the new Chart Art pages will be installed.

Using the New Pages

4. Run Solar Fire Gold.

5. Click on the View menu at the top of the screen.

6. Click on Page Topic Index.

7. Click on the title Chart Art to see the list of pages. The new pages will each have a name followed by - Hank Friedman to show that they were created by me.

[Note: my name will not appear on any of the chart pages.]

8. If the new pages are not shown in the Chart Art listing, look instead in the Added Recently listing by clicking on Added Recently at the top of the list, and the new pages will be listed there.

If you did not purchase Solar Fire Gold through me, but want to have the additional Chart Art pages I designed, simply place a new order for astrology software (totaling $180 or more) on my secure order form by clicking here, and then send me an email asking for your Chart Art password. [Note: A great choice would be Solar Maps)

Or you can click on the following button to purchase the extra Solar Fire Chart Art Pages for $30 (and I will email you your password so that you can install the downloaded Chart Art):

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