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I have been testing and reviewing astrological software since 1978. I have spent literally thousands of hours helping the major astrology software firms debug their programs, improve their design and function, and add new features. I've also convinced many companies to lower their prices, so that everyone interested in astrology can afford the programs they need.

In 1984, I wrote the first book to review astrology software -- "Astrology on Your Personal Computer" -- and a few years later began reviewing programs in the AFA Bulletin, American Astrology, and The Mountain Astrologer.

I've helped thousands of astrologers find the right programs for their needs. Feel free to email me with your software needs. My only requirement is that people order their software through me. You'll get the same service and support as if you ordered directly from the manufacturer, plus my expert help before and after you get each program..

My Extensive Collection of Software Reviews for over 80 programs!     Updated August 2012

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